Meet the Team

Meet the team

Who are we? 

Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine was started in 2011, with the ethos of improving the lives of fit and active Londoner’s. We are a group of sports medicine and physiotherapy specialists who truly believe in the hands-on approach to physiotherapy and rehabilitation alongside strength and conditioning. Our aim is to return all our patients to their maximum performance levels, and playing the sport that they love. We believe that education is key in encouraging a healthy and injury-free future. We don’t just do sports though, whether your injury is an acute sprain or a chronic, long-term medical issue, we have the experience and knowledge base to offer you the best treatment and advice that physiotherapy has to offer.

We don’t just treat sports injuries though, whether your injury is an acute sprain or a chronic, long-term medical issue, we have the experience and knowledge base to offer you the best treatment and advice that physiotherapy has to offer.

We are a small company with a personalised service at the core of our business model. The physiotherapists at Technique Physiotherapy have a wide range of experience from an array of physiotherapy settings, affording them a unique understanding of NHS, military, occupational health, private and sports patient scenarios and needs, we are sure that you can lace your trust in our staff to give you quality and professional service.

mike technique physio 1Mike Aunger PgDip SRP MCSP 

Mike has a very hands-on approach to physiotherapy and is a firm believer in the benefits of exercise. In short he likes his patients to be prepared to do some work. He has a specific interest in strength and conditioning and feels that rehabilitation and cardiovascular programs are an essential part of getting better.

Mike is a keen sportsman, playing rugby and football and taking part in regular road running and stamina events such as Tough Mudder. His recent passion has become golf and he is currently single figures and aiming for scratch.  He enjoys challenges and likes to work in a team environment. On top of running Technique Physiotherapy, Mike is a TPI certified golf instructor and runs Golf Performance and Injury Prevention which is dedicated to improving golf performance.

p salvatore technique physio 2Paolo Salvatore MSc MMACP MAACP SRP MCSP

Giampaolo Salvatore graduated from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with distinction in 2006. He began his career working in Italy for the regional centre of Cystic Fibrosis, before later working within the private sector. Paolo moved to London in 2010, and started to build his reputation working in private practice.

Throughout his career, Paolo has placed an onus on treating patients who are suffering from neuro-musculoskeletal disorders as well as treating respiratory and neurological conditions. He specialises in manual therapy and is a member of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP).

To this day, he continues cultivating his patient-centred approach.

Stuart Wareham MSc MMACP SRP MCSP

Stuart has an MSc in Advanced Neuro-musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Kings College London, bringing with it accreditation of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP). Regular advancement in professional development is an important aspect to Stuart’s career, allowing the current research evidence base to be used when diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating clients.

His wealth of experience includes working within professional football, the NHS, occupational health, private medicine and military rehabilitation, including working with elite levels soldiers. Between the time spent running the businesses Stuart is a keen sports fan with a particular interest in football. He likes to keep fit through running, weights, cross-fit and football. His aim is to provide personal, tailored manual therapy and rehabilitation programs to all his clients with a view to returning them to their maximum functional capabilities.

John Gripper MAACP SRP MCSP John Gripper

John has been a practising physiotherapist for over 5 years. He spent his first year working as an intern with Bath rugby. Since then he has juggled working part-time at Manchester City Academy, as well as in the NHS and privately, before committing full-time to private practice.

He looks at each individual from a holistic point of view, as well as looking at optimal biomechanics. He is aware that pain masquerading in one area of the body such as the foot, may be the victim of dysfunction elsewhere in the body as high up as the neck. Due to previous rugby injuries he also has a keen interest in the shoulder.

Outside of work John enjoys all things sport and fitness related, particularly rugby and football. Having grown up in Cornwall he has a passion for the beach, and enjoys surfing and throwing a Frisbee around when the opportunity presents itself.

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