A week of workouts in Dubai!

Dubai workout

So it’s that time of year where holidays are on our minds, and while relaxing and resting is of course part of the deal, it’s also a great time to keep up with fitness and perhaps try new things. I spent a week in Dubai recently while visiting friends and took the time to join my host at some of his favourite workout places.

The first place tucked away in the Marina area close to the Yacht Club is the KO Gym. Run by Zach, KO Gym is a boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai fitness centre. Users of all levels of competency use the gym and attend the regular classes run by the team. If you want to train all the way through to being able to fight competitively the team can arrange that. Luckily that was not what I was there for, but I was keen to get stuck into the boxing training. The first class I attended involved an hour of throwing different combinations with a partner. I found this a real challenge as the combinations became evermore difficult the more tired you became. Adding a core workout at the end felt great and left me wanting more.

The second class however was on a different level. Starting at 6am and involving an intense hour-long circuit involving sprinting, weights, tyre-flipping, squats, thrusters and of course boxing combinations. Zach seemed to understand the mood of the group and was able to keep pushing everyone for the full hour. As a workout this was tough but afterwards I felt fantastic even if the photo of me and Zach below doesn’t give that impression! Prices are 60 Diram (£10) for an hour class and it’s worth every penny. If you’re looking for something a bit different while in Dubai this is a great place to start.

The next place of interest was a bit more left field but again as a workout was fantastic. When was the last time you did a back-flip?? At Bounce everyone can attempt somersaults, flips, back-flips, even slam-dunks. It basically comprised large area of trampolines and soft flooring. The main hall, seen below, allows for free running and jumping.


All this adds up to a lot of fun but at the same time it’s a great workout. Located close to Times Square shopping mall sessions last an hour and come in at 80 Dirams (£13). Earlier sessions in the day may be full of kids but this is very much an adult play pen and sessions from 7pm reflect that. So if you’ve still got it this is a place to have a lot of fun and you will definitely feel it the next day!