New Acupuncture Research Shows Benefits

London Acupuncture Therapy is an ancient practice dating back as far as 1000 BC, yet in the West research is still ongoing into what the practice is and how it works. Many of acupuncture’s claims have been substantiated, and new studies continue to show its effectiveness. New research by York University has explored the use and possible benefits of acupuncture for patients with depression. The study showed that those who received acupuncture alongside their usual care package reported greater improvements than those who solely received their usual care procedure.

London Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture can be approached from either a traditional or a Western perspective. The traditional approach explains acupuncture as a method of restoring the balance between yin and yang by moving qi around the body; from this point of view, the symptoms of depression may be alleviated by restoring a sense of balance to the individual. There is also a more focussed understanding of acupuncture which is based more on scientific results which show how the practice helps to stimulate healing in tissues.

At Technique Physio, we practice acupuncture in London as part of our physiotherapy processes, using it to great effect to facilitate relaxation in muscles following trauma, long-term pain or to aid muscle stretch. Our practices tend to be more focussed on achieving specific physical outcomes; nonetheless we find it fascinating that acupuncture has the potential to help people in such a variety of circumstances. The more we discover about the body and how it works, the more we will be able to heal and refine it.

Our practitioners are highly skilled and use tried and tested methods to return our patients to full health. We use a combination of massage, fitness, electro-therapy and acupuncture techniques as appropriate to each individual case. We are so committed to improving people’s lives that we will often ‘restore’ our patients to a greater level of fitness than they had before their injury. If you have an injury or a long-standing muscle pain, speak to our team today and the team at our physio clinic in London will soon have you fighting fit!