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Welcome to the aftercare hub where you can book further treatment with us. We offer discounts on block bookings and are also recognised by most health insurance providers. 

You will also find helpful self-care information and advice.

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Most health insurance polices will cover a course of treatment with us. We’re recognised by most health insurance providers including Bupa, Axa PPP, Aviva & Allianz. Visit your insurers page on our website for more info on how to get your treatment paid for by your insurance…

Information & Advice

Top Tips To Stay Injury Free On The Slopes.

Skiing and snowboarding have a reputation for being dangerous sports, however with adequate preparation many injuries can be prevented. Firstly skiers and snowboarders can have very different injuries.   Skiers are more likely to injure their knees from a twisting motion when falling, whereas snowboarders tend to have more upper body injuries (as a result of falling on an outstretched

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Running: basic steps to get ready for the marathon, injury free

Marathon training time. Everyone is asking what they can do to prepare for a marathon without risking injury, so we asked our resident running expert and physio, Silvia, what she would suggest: I would focus on 4 main elements: • Technique • Strength and conditioning • Balance • External factors: nutrition, sleep and stress 1) Technique If I was preparing

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Our top 10 inspirational podcasts

There are so many podcasts around (you name it, there is a podcast on it) and they are great to listen to while exercising, commuting or on the go. We have been known to listen to them while cleaning the house 😀. In fact, there are so many podcasts that it can be overwhelming to find one that you actually

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