Don’t forget your trainers

A 3pm train on a Friday night from London St Pancreas and 2 hours 20 mins later I am in Paris via the eurostar, c’est manifique! No train journey to the airport, no need to arrive 90 minutes before departure and no check in, just jump on the train and off you go, I could get used to that.

Come Saturday morning I had laced up my trainers donned the running vest and off I went. Next stop the Tour Eiffel. Unbelievably, even at 8.30 in the morning there were hundreds of people queuing up to reach the summit, Despite the big crowds there was plenty of space to jog around the well manicured parks surrounding  the tower, and a well placed German bus driver to take some pictures. He seemed to have the best place in the parking lot, no doubt an early riser and keen to reserve his spot.

Tour de Paris!

The trade off for the early Saturday morning run was a brief engagement with the Paris sales. Perhaps time to pick up a cheap Versace coat, Gucci top or a Louis Vuitton handbag? No, after 3 hours of intense fittings the lady made her first and only purchase of the day, a belt from Ted baker, London.

It was all worth it

As a tip I would recommend heading to Paris for the last Sunday of the month. That way the museums are free and rather then queuing for 3-4 hours to reach the top of the tower for Parisian views, head to the Pompidou museum for incredible views in a cool arty area of Paris, I also recommend packing your asics….

Tom is our clinic running specialist, if you would like some advice or an appointment get in touch with him via email:

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