Jack Wilshere Set to Put Injury Woes Behind Him

Optimism surrounds the future of Jack Wilshere as an unlucky run of injuries seems to have been finally put behind him. The 21 year old Arsenal regular has played for a full 90 minutes only twice in the last three years, but spirits are said to be positive ahead of a forthcoming England friendly against Scotland.

Wilshere has only played 413 minutes as an England representative in total, having been dogged by persistent ankle problems following his debut cap against Hungary in 2010. The combined opportunities encompassed by his layoff are thought to have denied him as many as 25 caps. Wilshere has repeatedly stated his enthusiasm to return for entire 90 minute duration, but has so far been cautiously utilised by Arsène Wenger in his first complete pre-season for three years, and England manager Roy Hodgson is thought to be likely to play Wilshere for 60 minutes at most.

The nature of Wilshere’s initial injury was diagnosed as a stress fracture within his ankle. Sometimes referred to as a hairline fracture, this condition is usually a very small crack within the bone that is caused by repetitive levels of stress or weight upon the ankle or leg area. Particularly prevalent in weight bearing bones such as the tibia or metatarsals, the injury is fairly common among sportsmen and women, with periods of rest extending up to sixteen weeks generally constituting the only way to achieve complete levels of rehabilitation. A cast is often required for up to eight weeks after the diagnosis of the problem, but even after the rest period a gradual resumption of sporting activities is still encouraged, as the complete remodelling of the bone can take months after the injury appears to be overcome.

Particularly severe fractures, as Wilshere’s turned out to be, can require surgery to properly mend the damage, with a pin within the fracture area facilitating rehabilitation times of half a year. In most cases though, further rehabilitation usually involves physiotherapy to regain the loss of muscle strength. Here at Technique Physio we are one of the premier examples of a clinic specialising in strength and conditioning in London. We know how frustrating it can be to be forced out of your chosen sport due to an injury, and because of that our professional team are committed to helping people tackle their injuries early on, allowing them to return to what they do best without developing additional complications. We pride ourselves on the success rate of our rehabilitation programmes, so please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.