Run London

This is one of my favourite runs in London, and is perfectly suited for a run in lunch time on a Monday when you have the post weekend blues. Always picks me, as it reminds why I am in London and even when the big old smoke is on top of me this run inspires me for the week.

  • My run starts @ St Georges Wharf but it’s a perfect loop so you can start any where you like.
  • Run from Vauxhall Bridge along the Albert Embankment to Westminster Bridge
  • Run around the houses of parliament back along Millbank in front of the MI5 building along to Vauxhall Bridge and back over with a view of MI6
  • Distance: 2.5 miles / 4 km
  • PB Time: 18 mins 30 secs the tourists slow you down but it’s worth it for the views

houses of parliament


Fun parts: I quite enjoy running around all the tourists taking pictures of Big Ben and running past all the policemen in front of Parliament always makes me smile. I once ran past an old gentleman on a bike here and told him to get a move on, his reply was priceless “I wish I was your age lad, when you get to my age it’s only downhill on a push bike”




Of course running past MI5 and MI6 makes me want to be James Bond, every man’s dream!