Muscle strains

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a fantastic festive period and over indulged to your hearts content! Sometimes a rest from training and work is only a good thing for our fitness regime, as well as our mental health.

So it’s time we head back to the daily grind and of course those new-years training plans. Here at Technique Physiotherapy are one step ahead of you in anticipating a few hiccups along the way. As much as we’d like to prevent everyone from breaking down, injuries are sometimes inevitable. So if in the new-year you find yourself with something that resembles more than a niggle, here are our tips via the British Journal of Sports Medicine to help you sort the problem in the most optimal way:

  • Avoid pain, it’s an obvious one but sometimes people continue to train with pain, so, yes it might mean rest for anywhere up to 4/5 days in minor cases
  • It’s an age-old piece of advice but ice can help with recovery post strain, this is a better strategy than anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Gentle stretching within the limits of pain from 2-3 days post injury.
  • Begin with static/isometric strengthening, again within the limits of pain at 2-3 days post injury. Following this progress to concentric followed by eccentric strengthening. This may not all be possible in the early phases post injury and may need to be staggered as the muscle unit recovers.
  • Prior to returning to training normal flexibility and contraction of the muscle with minimum discomfort (ideally no pain) should be achieved.
  • Post injury it is important that full strength is regained to prevent a reoccurrence, our experts at Technique Physiotherapy will be able to guide you through a complete rehabilitation program.

We understand that injuries are an annoyance, but recovery can be optimised through expert assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation programs that get you back to where you want to be, training hard!