Technique physiotherapy is now at the NEW Foundry gym (Bank)

The Foundry Technique partnershipHave you heard of The Foundry gym? It is a pretty great gym (in fact it is so much better than pretty great!) and we are extremely happy to now be associated with them. Technique Physiotherapy have set up physio rooms in the brand new Foundry gym location at Bank which is now open for business 🙌 (see below for pics). We will tell you more about this soon, but first let’s talk about The Foundry.

What is The Foundry gym?

Founded by Ben Gotting and Dave Thomas, The Foundry is a results-driven fitness community offering classes and semi-private personal training.

The Foundry gives everyone the opportunity to be trained and treated like a professional athlete within a team environment, not just the 100 plus Olympic and international sportsmen and sportswomen who have trained with their world-class coaches.

The Foundry’s call to action “Where The Strong Belong” is an attitude – members and guests are strong in mind, strong in body, and strong in commitment.

What is The Foundry’s mission?

Their mission is to be the most inclusive, community-minded fitness company and charity in the UK. They live by this credo, and value mental health and wellbeing as much as a great deadlift or deep squat. We (Technique) are totally in sync with this.

The Foundry recognise that it can be a bit intimidating walking into a gym which includes international rugby players and Olympians amongst its team and members… but you don’t need to be physically strong to start at The Foundry. They are proud to have non-threatening environments with world class coaches and a great, fun vibe.

The Foundry isn’t interested in short-term, dramatically staged pictures – they work as hard as you on your training and nutrition to help you create a sustainable lifestyle and overall health and happiness, in body and in mind.

Everyone at The Foundry is part of the family and committed to making sure there is “No One Left Behind”.

Sounds pretty good, right? So what does Technique offer at The Foundry Bank location? We have put together a few Q&As.

What services do you offer?

We have two physiotherapists and also a sports massage therapist (check out @chloecrispsportsmassage on instagram, she is awesome!).
We are also looking to hire an osteopath in due course. Podiatry is another service we would like to offer in the near future.

What are Technique’s opening hours at The Foundry?

Initially these will be Monday – Friday 8am – 7 pm.

Who can use Technique’s services at The Foundry?

Anyone! It doesn’t matter if you belong to the gym or not. You are all welcome.

Do you get a discount to use the physio if you are a gym member?

Yes. We offer all gym members a 10% discount* (incentive to join? 😀).

Why the partnership with The Foundry?

We would be stupid not to! The Foundry is one of London’s premier gym brands offering high end bespoke personal training with a high degree of quality and being associated with it is great for Technique.

How can working together with The Foundry benefit patients?

The partnership will look to provide a complete service for those looking to be active and healthy. We will be able to provide a full cycle of individualised care (including before, during and after workout) for each client, working towards full fitness. Working alongside The Foundry trainers will give us additional insight into strength and conditioning that we haven’t previously had.

What is the address and hours of the The Foundry Bank location?

Address: The Foundry at Bank, Plough Court, 33-36 Lombard St, London , EC3V 9BQ
Hours: Mon – Fri 6am – 9pm, Sat 7am – 2pm, Sun closed

For more information on the The Foundry go to or follow them on Instagram. We hope to see you there soon! (you can book a physio or sports massage appointment here 🙂).

Technique Physio at The Foundry
Technique’s set up. We think it’s looking pretty snazzy. Just waiting on a few more bits of equipment and maybe some pictures on the wall 😀.

* Not applicable if using insurance.