The Technique Five

I’m Mike, a physiotherapist and general sport keen bean. Having recently started my own physiotherapy, health and fitness practice with long-term friend Stuart Wareham, I decided that it would be a good idea to tell as many people as possible about our experiences and share some nuggets of wisdom.
Yellow boots optional

At the moment life is moving forward at quite a pace. I have just started as a physiotherapist at a premiership football club and starting my own business – Technique Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine. It’s pretty exciting!

Having getting involved at the Chelsea FC academy, I have recently had first hand experience of the fitness testing that goes on at an elite level football club. It was eye opening and really increased my knowledge of what is expected of sports men and women at the top of their game.

This gave me an idea – why not put amateur sportsmen through similar tests? The fitness tests that the pro’s are doing are also transferable to everyone. Check out our Fitness Testing info to see what we can offer you.

Our tests involve a mixture of disciplines required to succeed in sport and give a baseline of fitness to improve upon, to help you get more from your training. They also give you a marker for returning to sport from injury, should that dreaded situation ever occur.

So here are the Technique Five – a selection of our key tests transferable to any walk of life, and designed to measure a base line of fitness:

1. Bleep Test – measures cardiovascular fitness, this can be easily adapted if you have difficulty running.

The lads from London Media RFC get stuck into the bleep test
2. Press ups 1 minute – measures upper limb function.
It's a deep burn!
3. Plank – holding as long as possible – simple way to measure core strength.
The Plank: Gives you a strong back
4. Single leg hop – measures lower limb strength and function.
Ready, Steady
Hop and Land
5. Lateral hops in 30 seconds- A good simple measure of agility, particularly useful for ankle injuries
30 seconds
to do this as many times as possible!
Are you up to the challenge? Want us to put you through your paces? Get in touch!