Touch Rugby: Have fun get fit.

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Yes, the London Olympics 2012 are nearly here, it is hard to forget with the constant media coverage beamed daily into our homes. However in just 5 days time a whole host of International Rugby fixtures are going to be beamed into our homes, it’s going to be hard hitting and athleticism at it’s very peak, and I for one am very excited. All the home nations are starting their summer tours, taking on the southern hemisphere teams and hoping to prove they have what it takes to beat some of the fittest rugby internationals in the modern game.

I know plenty of people in London who love the game of Rugby Union, however due to the nature of the game it excludes quite a few from participating. I know how that feels. I was once a keen young man and the knocks and bumps wouldn’t hold me back for more than a day or two, but that was then. After four dislocated shoulders, a broken jaw and various surgeries, full contact rugby just wasn’t worth the pain any more. Yep, I was officially getting old!


Leo: England Touch Player

That didn’t mean I wanted to stop playing though, somehow I needed to get my fix. It’s hard to stop playing something that gives you enjoyment and rugby is a good game not just in terms of fitness, it has a massive social element too. The competitiveness of the games is normally followed by a catch up with your teammates in the pub.  So off I went to find an alternative form of Rugby that would fill the void that I had forced upon myself.

Living in South London at the time I was just a stone’s throw from the various green spaces around Clapham and Tooting and it wasn’t long until I had found my saviours. I first stumbled across The South London Touch Club in the September of 2007, it is simply a group of like minded people of different ages and different backgrounds. It’s a mixed group of boys and girls that meet every Saturday morning at 11am, with the aim to throw an egg shaped ball around for a couple of hours, the difference being that there is no contact, it’s lightly competitive, very welcoming to all and lastly lots of fun.


For me it’s a great way to get fit whilst forgetting you are actually doing exercise. Don’t be fooled by this, you are working very hard, it is uncanny how many times I have woken the next day thinking about stiff muscles that I didn’t actually know I had!!

So if you fancy a challenge (please remember The South London Touch Club welcome people of all abilities) don’t be afraid to come along and get involved. You’ll meet some nice people, learn a bit about the game of Rugby and have lot’s of fun, all whilst getting fit. It’s a win win situation.

Final Whistle: A few beers are in order!

The South London Touch Rugby Club meet every Saturday on Tooting Bec Common all through the year from 11am – 1 pm. You can find out more about the club by looking up their page on Facebook.